Oh jeez, U​.​S.

by J.J. Reed



Just my little happy christmas song...i watch alotta tv and go to malls during the holidays, but i live in a small town and try my darnedest to live as simple as i can as a former suburbanite...


Oh Jeez, U.S.

Now Christmas comes
September first
She eye's your wallet
then starts to flirt

You need her gifts
Though your out of work
"We got lay away"
She says with a smirk

And she's got a friend
He works for the bank
He'll give you credit
No need for thanks

The t.v. will tell you
Where to go and
You'd think he'd return
With prices this low

Happy American Birthday!
Oh jeez us, oh jeez us

It's black friday
And all of the stores
Open at four
Or the day before

The one to give thanks
For what you have got
But Christmas she asks
"What do you want?"

Not what you need
But what you want
it's on sale indeed
and your kids will pled

On you night and day
They follow t.v.
So Selfish and spoiled
On His special day

Happy American Birthday!
Oh jeez us, oh jeez us

Now it's Christmas day
And were you good?
Did you pay off Santa?
Like Uncle Sam would?

Buying Bratz dolls
And Tiny Tim running shoes
And your wife the jewelry
She'll never use

You better have son
Cause it's His big day
Plus my friend
It's the American way
It's the American way...

Happy American Birthday!
Oh jeez us, oh jeez us


released December 25, 2010
double J's all over this one...



all rights reserved


jj reed Athens, Ohio

jj reed is a singer/songwriter/guitar player/a whole bunch of other things. he is from athens, ohio. he has been playing and writing since the mid 1990s. He has been in a whole heap of bands including: wheels on fire, order of the spur, the 65s, supertape, corbin marsh band, melk... his songs and music reflect everyday life in an honest yet somewhat melancholy way. but "blues is happy music" - TVZ ... more

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